Happy Customers 

Read what customers of MoCA products have to say about their experience.

“My Actiontec Bonded ECB6200 MoCA 2.0 adapters work brilliantly to create a high-speed home network that is easy to set up and rock solid in reliability, using my existing cable outlets to provide simultaneous network data, internet and television. ”

- Neall Doren, Albuquerque, NM

“I wanted to improve the Wi-Fi coverage in my home. I purchased the Motorola Surfboard SBG67782 modem because I thought it gave me a little better Wi-Fi coverage. I noticed “MoCA” was stamped just below the coax connection on the back. I was curious so I gathered some information about MoCA. I found some information from the Internet including www.mocainyourhouse.com.

I ultimately purchased a Wi-Fi extender with MoCA and a couple of MoCA adapters. I also gained more knowledge from the information MoCA sent me directly. Having DIRECTV made it a little more complicated to set up but I found that DTV was already a MoCA member. Now my network and Wi-Fi are lightning fast throughout the MoCA network including extending Wi-Fi out to the backyard. With MoCA, my network works great! Video streaming like Netflix is clean, clear and fast with no pauses or interruptions. Thanks MoCA!”

– Gene from Vallejo, CA

“I just love this MoCA technology. I love that it just works. I use it in my 1971 townhome to connect the basement entry point (where I also have my office) to my 2nd floor entertainment center. HD streaming is so smooth with this MoCA. I also run my wireless Access Point from the 2nd floor outlet through the MoCA.

I love the fact that you can use MoCA wherever coax cable exists. I also love the fact that you can create a system with no wireless exposure to you in your home if you want because the coax cable confines the stray energy discharge to a minimum. This is important for people who are electrically sensitive to WiFi.”

- Tom Guyette, Plymouth, Minnesota

“I was able to provide my barn with Internet and HD cable using the Actiontec ECB2500C with MoCA technology. I could see me buying more of these units in the future. I am a very satisfied customer.”

- Howard E., Bonney Lake, WA